Available software updates

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Tuning-Capture Plus

Nov 30 2017 v1.03

Live-Capture Pro

Nov 30 2017 v1.22


Nov 29 2017 v1.62

RT-Capture 3

Nov 23 2017 v3.12


Nov 09 2017 v1.03


Apr 19 2017 v1.30

Live-Capture Light

Aug 18 2015 v1.22 (pre-view)

RT-Capture 2

Jul 21 2014 v2.44 (pre-view)


Dec 08 2007 v1.43


Problems with downloads from our FTP using Microsoft Internet Explorer 7

Note: Explorer 7 tends to only use the root or default address and ignore the user name as a path.

This is the way around: Go to View and open the FTP with Explorer.
Paste username and password from the FTP address.

For example in ftp://roomcap_trial:or6z9664rwe2@

The username is: roomcap_trial,
Password is: or6z9664rwe2 (numbers and letters between the colon and @).


USB power-save problem

New motherboards have power save on the USB-ports. This can cause lost connection with USB soundcards and USB-dongle. This is critical during SPL logging as none is operating the PC and the energy saver turns in. Note that even if the general power save is disabled in the control panel, this USB power save still can cause problems. Please go to the Device Manager and open each USB-hub and turn off the energy saver.



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