FIR-Capture change list

Jun 03 2020 v1.10

o An indexing bug caused farina chirp to be single channel measurement.
o Improved the Powersoft Xn plug-in XML export.

Mar 25 2019 v1.09

o The Lake 2 plug-in failed to find the Lake directory causing a hang.

Dec 10 2018 v1.08

o The IR got inverted when averaging.
o The latest Powersoft plug-ins are now included.
o Show multiple IR was not visible in the pop-up menu on Capture -> PIR.

Jun 14 2018 v1.07

o Added plug-ins for the Powersoft X amplifiers, one is for the Advanced tab with Raised Cosine filters and the other is for the x-over part with FIR etc...

Mar 20 2018 v1.06

o You can now calculate Room-Mode eq when selecting more than on measurement with "operate on" and then right click on the frequency graph and you find "Analyze Room Modes". In the "Room Modes" tab you will get a list with the worst modes for all analyzed measurements, you can select which measurement you see in the toolbar.
o Imported microphone correction files is now normalized at 1kHz when loaded.
o Phase blanking was not executed automatically when doing a measurement...
o The Q-SYS plug-in is updated to export the biquad coefficients in .csv format that can be loaded in to the Q-SYS software.
o + minor fixes.

Jan 30 2018 v1.05

o A couple of measurement presets are now included.
o 6 input channels can be used again if your soundcard support it, see Soundcard settings.
o When importing a microphone calibrations file it could fail if the data was way off, there is now a check that solve this. So if you had this problem import the file again and agree to overwrite the old one.

Jan 23 2018 v1.04

o The microphone calibrator was whining about more than 0.5dB difference even when there was no or less difference.
o If you want you can have your own logo in the graphs, make a uncompressed BMP file with 16 or 256 colors and name it Logo.bmp and place it in the installed folder. The bitmap can have transparency just fill those areas with magenta (RGB=255,0,255). A good size for the bitmap is 64x64 or less, it will be stretched when printing but note the transparency does not work well with all printers and PDF writers so please experiment.

Nov 09 2017 v1.03

o The smooth algorithm is improved.
o Polar-plot now has an option to use 3dB divider in the scale.
o + minor fixes...

Apr 19 2017 v1.02

o The scale is now drawn correctly in the 3D CSD/waterfall in Windows 10.
o Plus a bunch of bug fixes.

Oct 18 2016 v1.01

o Phase-Linearization is improved and now has 2 modes where the first called "Low Latency Group-Delay" that most of the time give the smallest delay, this one is the mode that was used before. Then there is the new "Accurate Group-Delay" that have better waveform fidelity, recommended for Hifi.
o The FIR plug-in for Lake is improved and now support multiple frames and modules, contact Dan if you need this plug-in.
o The "Sum Multiple IR" is now working like it should.
o + more...

Jun 14 2016 v1.00

o First release...