Live-Capture Light change list

Aug 18 2015 v1.22 (pre-view)

o The user Leq values behaved strange in the SPL/LEQ Meter view.

Jun 03 2015 v1.21 (pre-view)

o The windowing choices in the TFn and Capture tab is now replaced with a drop-down box, there are now some basic presets too.
o You can now right-click on the windowing selector both in the Transfer Function tab and there you can add the current windowing if not included. You can also import and export your windowing presets and there is also a properties choice where you can rename and delete presets.
o The logger is now gone and replaced with a sound level meter which show all readings in real-time, it do also show how much that is left (Remaining LEQ) i.e. how many dB more you can put out at the end of the show.
o There is now also a built in web server so you can see the sound levels on your smart phone.
o For those who used the old logger there is a special offer on RT-Capture, just contact Dan.
o Improved the copy curve in the Transfer Fn tab.

Nov 08 2013 v1.17 (pre-view)

o Added a new feature where you can load a group-delay curve in the delay aligner...
o You can now drop frequency response and impulse files on the Transfer Fn tab and they will load.
o ECHO Indigo IO(x) is now working with ASIO so Aubion X8 should now also work (not tested yet), the problem was that the driver wasn't sending the "process now" flag which is documented in the ASIO SDK.
o Mic calibrator is now using a bandpass filter which should make it easier to calibrate the mic in noisy environments.

Jul 12 2012 v1.16

o You can now drag the group-delay scale when not set to auto.
o When you double click the group-delay scale it will center the scale.
o When you double click the group-delay and hold one of the CTRL keys down it will make the curve visible.
o Curve colors are now copied to the "X-Over Aligner" tab, the total curve colors may then change if necessary.
o It is now possible to zoom in on the frequency grap with the mouse in "Transfer Fn".
o Support for our Audio-Client plug i.e. remote measurement for 3:rd pary software.
o User weighting is now available in the RTA and in the Transfer Function tabs.
o Weighting can now be used in the RTA when connected to Lake Controller.
o Improved error handling when last used soundcard is not found.
o The serial number protected version now works in Wine v1.2x on Intel Mac.
o + much more under the hood...

Jun 13 2010 v1.13

o Improved performance when used together with ASIO soundcards that have small buffer sizes available like RME etc...
o + many small internal improvements...

Mar 11 2010 v1.12

o The line level calibration failed when MME mode was used.

Feb 22 2010 v1.11

o Found a minor wave engine bug regarding MOTU soundcards.

Feb 22 2010 v1.10

o Improved X-Over Aligner.
o Enhanced performance for Transfer Function.
o Improved wave engine when using Windows MME mode.
o Improved help.
o + many more improvements...

Jun 16 2009 v1.05

o The X-Over Aligner is improved, e.g. you can drag the impulses and you will see how the summed curve changes in real-time.
o The subtract delay choice in TFn setup dialog is replaced with "Add Propagation Delay" which will add the delay from the impulse window start to the time window start.
o Improved performance.
o + much more...

Feb 05 2009 v1.04

o Help file is updated.

Jan 15 2009 v1.03

o Fixed a bug where the function generator could dissapear when using a higher screen resolution and then going back to a lower.
o Improved performance.
o Some bug fixes

Nov 07 2008 v1.02

o Improved the performance for Transfer-Function on old single core computers.
o Automatic delay finder in Transfer-Function with a pre-determined delay interval, see toolbar to the right of the settings icon.

Oct 11 2008 v1.01

o Improved the visual blanking of non coherent data in DLC.
o Coherence trace is now taking a quarter of the screen in DLC.
o When stop log is pressed you are now required to confirm.
o Window position is restored when the program is restarted.

Sep 29 2008 v1.00

o Initial release.