RT-Capture change list

Dec 08 2007

o Fixed some bugs in the Remaining LEQ.

Nov 06 2007

o RT-Capture is now certified to conform with the IEC 61672 standard, this is just reflected in the help.
o The quick start PDF files are updated.

Sep 04 2007

o When you are selecting the log filename a prompt will tell you if you try to overwrite an old log file.

Aug 13 2007

o Made the SPL window somewhat more understandable and more compact,
1. Changed the text "LEQ" to "Continous LEQ"
2. Changed the text "Remaining LEQ" to "What's Left"

Aug 09 2007

o Fast access of soundcard and microphone settings via the toolbar at the far left.
o The remaining LEQ can start by setting a threshold in the setup dialog (right click in the SPL window)
o The remaining LEQ values can now be shown in the top of the SPL window.
o The fast and slow detectors is improved.
o + much more

Jul 16 2007

o Added a quick start document in english language, this can also be downloaded separately (the filename is RT-Capture_Quick_Start_eng_01.pdf).

Jul 02 2007

o Made an internal fix on Remaining LEQ where it would calculate the time twice as fast as it should.

Jun 29 2007

o Updated the swedish documentation regarding Remaining-LEQ, the file is named: RT-capture_Snabb_Start_Sv_v05.pdf

Jun 25 2007

o There is now an option to see the calculated LEQ as a curve for a zoomed area in the log frame, just right click and select "Show Zoomed LEQ".
o When you export a log to text and you select to export the zoomed area then is the session LEQ values replaced with zoomed LEQ values.
o Remaining LEQ has been improved with better names and it checks for overflow in the calculation (no more -380 dB).
o We have also added a new bar in the SPL window that graphically gives a hint about how loud it is, when green: play louder, when red: mute!.
o + more fixes...

Jun 15 2007

o A and C Weighting is now correct, my old weighting source was wrong.
o Improved level metering at low frequencies (when using A-weighting).
o + much more

May 18 2007

o Updated the help with a specifications section, see the bottom in the help contents tree.

May 08 2007

o Bugfix: Remainin LEQ wasn't restarted when reset or a new log session was started.

May 03 2007

o Added a setting for Remaining LEQ finish time and a restart button in the SPL window, if you experience to much flickering then they can be turned off with the "Show Remaining LEQ Controls" in the right click pop-up menu.
o Now you can drop log files on the program while it's running directly from the desktop or the explorer.

May 02 2007

o Bugfix: The Remaining LEQ configuration dialog had a bug which made it impossible to copy the global LEQ warning level.
o When using a microphone compensation file without phase is the minimum-phase calculated for the compensation.
o The complex weighting tables (A, C etc) now have phase compensation too.

May 01 2007

o Added a function called "Remaining LEQ" in the zoomed SPL window which will tell you how loud you can play, it can be configured by right clicking on the SPL window and there you select "Remaining LEQ".

Mar 10 2007

o The RTA/Sonogram can be calibrated with a loopback cable, see the menu Setup -> Make RTA Calibration.
o Incomplete log files can be loaded.
o The CORR button bug where it did not synchronize is fixed.
o The demo on our website is now able to load logfiles made with the full version.
o + more improvements.

Nov 28 2006

o Added 10 dB steps in scale top between 40 and 100 dB.