RT-Capture 2 change list

Jul 21 2014 v2.44 (pre-view)

o The belgian guide line now have 2 more modes for soundlevels below 85dBA and below 95dBA, these are selected in the guide line settings dialog.
o It is now possible to download the log from RT-Capture with Remote-SPL over the network.
o You can now have the RTA visible in the SPL window, just right click on the SPL window to disable/enable.
o The setup program is now aware of the administrator rights.

Sep 11 2013 v2.43 (pre-view)

o The e-mail configuration dialog is now rewritten so it should now be stable.
o Improved the scheduler setup in the start log dialog.
o Belgian guideline now also log LCeq, LCeq15 and LCeq60.

Sep 26 2012 v2.42

o British text export wasn't working properly.
o Fixed a bug regarding starting more than one instance in 32 bit Windows which caused it to crash.
o Added support for iSEMcon microphone calibration files with www.IBF-Akustik.de in the header.
There were already support for those with www.iSEMcon in the header (4 types).
o Improved stability
o Belgian guideline is now implemented.
o Zoom by value is now more tolerant when entering start time.
o + much more under the hood...

Jun 16 2012 v2.40

o Analog clock in the SPL Window, can be configured in the Layout Properties (right click on the SPL Window).
o Correction changes are now indicated in the log graph by small red triangles, when clicked info is shown.
o Logging can be done on both channels, but the other channel is not part of the printout. This is useful for
correction measurement.
o Support for our new Remote-SPL software where you can monitor several RT-Capture on the network, Remote-SPL
will be released very very soon after some field testing...

Aug 07 2010 v2.22

o Fixed a serious bug where the log wouldn't start or the application would crash.
o Added a Restore SPL Window Position choice in the Setup menu, could be useful for those who use multiple monitors.

Jul 09 2010 v2.21

o Removed the option to watch the values without correction, it is now always on and it is shown in a small toolbar.
o Leq and Lxx correction can now be shown in the SPL window, see layout properties.
o Bug fix: Scheduler start time is now remembered as it should.
o + other improvements and fixes.

May 21 2010 v2.2

o Added Swiss guideline for users in Switzerland.
o Improved the wave engine, so please recalibrate if you are using soundcard line level calibration.
o Improved the performance when logging with audio (OGG), for a dual core processor like the Intel Atom 330/D510 the performance gain is huge.
o Bug fix: Remaining Leq is now also affected when switching between showing & not showing correction in the SPL window.
o + several improvements.

Sep 01 2009 v2.12

o Fixed an issue with the SP-INFO guideline in moving audience mode. The K5 correction value was not handled properly.
o The graph was writing the wrong zoomed Leq value when using the SP-INFO guideline.
o [] is now used instead of () for filename numbering.
o + some small improvements.

Jul 24 2009 v2.11

o There is now a Leq history bar in the SPL window that can be enabled (is now default set to show the last 15 minutes of the user leq). The settings is found in the bottom of the Layout Properties dialog.
o Fixed an issue regarding import of exported Live-Capture log files.
o Fixed an issue regarding the accellerator keys.

Jun 17 2009 v2.10

o When a log file was opened via association some of the data could get corrupted, it is now fixed.
o When using the SP-INFO guideline the color of the LAF etc now change color to yellow when the warning level is exceeded and when the level goes pas warning level + measurement unceartinty the color changes to red.
o The Remaining Leq can now be reset or restarted from the main Window via Ctrl+R and Ctrl+S just like in the SPL window.
o Audio playback boos level is now selectable: Normal (0dB), +6, +12 and +18 dB
o The Remaining Leq ruler in the SPL window can now be visible even if the other Remaining Leq values is hidden.
o + some minor improvements.

May 28 2009 v2.09

o The log files is now holding the print comment, and it is changed as usual from the file menu.
o Microphone calibrator brand/model and serial is now also printed/exported when using SP-INFO guideline.
o The Stop log button is now flashing Magenta/Black when logging with ogg audio.
o + some small fixes...

May 23 2009 v2.08

o Threshold start is now working as intended, it will not start when OK is pressed in the Start Log dialog except when the soundlevel is exceeded. It is also indicated by shifting the start button between red and green.
o The corrections can be adjusted when logging with the guideline SP-INFO 2 and in concert mode, a button will be visible below the log graph when possible.
o The remaining Leq is now limited to the LAF warning level so it wont display ridiculous high levels.
o + more

Mar 03 2009 v2.07

o The automatic log restart was not working as expected.

Nov 07 2008 v2.05

o The German DIN 15905-5 guideline is updated and there is now a section in the help.
o Recording of audio can now be enabled in the Start Log dialog.
o The guideline settings is applied when starting a log session.
o The dB scale in the Log Frame can be dragged up and down with the mouse and if you double click on it it will auto scale. There is also 2 combo boxes in the toolbar if that is preferred.
o The Whats left in remaining Leq can now be synchronized with log start, se Remaining Leq dialog.

Jul 12 2008 v2.03

o The log stop button is now flashing when the log is in progress.

Jun 11 2008 v2.02

o Added percentile, right click in the log graph and you will find Show Percentile and Setup Percentile, in the setup you can select up to 8 different Percentile values that can be shown in the log graph.
o Added the keyboard combination Ctrl+S in the SPL window which will start or restart the Remaining Leq.

May 19 2008 v2.01

o Fixed a minor error when updating the warning level lines in the levelmeter.
o Improved the guideline selector so that when shifting guideline it will pop-up the guideline dialog.

May 13 2008 v2.00

o Initial release.