RT-Capture 3 change list

Mar 20 2018 v3.14

o Imported microphone correction files is now normalized at 1kHz when loaded.

Jan 25 2018 v3.13

o There was a bug when the octave/third octave band window was showing zoomed data, it is now working as it should.
o There is now a logo printed at the top left when printing a report, you can change this to your own logo.
The logo should have a size like 200 x 100 pixels (16 or 256 colors) and the background should be white. The file must be an uncompressed BMP image file named logo.bmp and must be placed where RT-Capture is installed.
o It is now also possible to change the image at the bottom left in the SPL windows, make an uncompressed BMP with a size around 270 x 80 pixels (16 or 256 colors) and name it winlogo.bmp and place it in the folder where RT-Capture is installed.

Nov 23 2017 v3.12

o When doing microphone calibration via the "Log Setup" tab the value wasn't stored.
o Improved the field names in the SPL windows and in the right click menu in the log graph.
o + more

Oct 26 2017 v3.11

o The start/stop time can now be edited in the scheduler.
o Tabbed text export is now default, this is now also set when selecting MUO guideline. It will now also be saved when saving user preferences.
o + more

Aug 29 2017 v3.10

o Octave and 3:rd octave band logging, see Generic Guideline.
o Full logging of 2 channels where each channel can be printed and exported separately.
o Norwegian and Norwegian MUO guideline is added.
o Some new operations on the SPL windows where they can be full screen and you can also toggle the content with a mouse click, see View menu.
o The remaining Leq calculator can use a sliding Leq instead of time limited, it will still have a performance time but it will slide in time instead of turning off.
o The selected weighing and the C-weihging can have individual corrections for Generic and Norwegian guidelines.
o A PFD writer is now installed shown as "WC PDFPrinter", this will also work with other programs.
o Improved stability when using USB audio devices in ASIO mode and the device is not connected...
o The registry setting is now removed when uninstalling, may solve some problems (uninstall -> install).
o + much more...

Oct 21 2016 v3.05

o Full ASIO support, open the soundcard settings to see if your audio device is listed.
o When using ASIO routing of the input and output channels is fully supported.

Sep 23 2016 v3.04

o Fixed an issue where the logging wouldn't restart sometimes.

Jun 29 2016 v3.03

o The scheduler is improved, it will not ignore schedules any more.
o Improved the layout for clarity.
o Number of weeks is now saved, default is now 1 week.
o The soundcard settings now work as expected.
o When pressing the ESC key it wont stop the RTA or the Log view.
o + more fixes...

Jun 14 2016 v3.02

o Improved compatability with Remote-SPL, when connected the weekly scheduler will be disabled.
o The program can be set in Remote-SPL mode and then you have the old scheduler, see the setup menu.

Jun 06 2016 v3.01

o Fixed a serious bug regardning naming of the log file, now the numbering works as expected.
o The band window can now be set to "Always on top"
o The size of the application window now have a minimum size.
o The settingstab look better now on certain window versions.

Mar 21 2016 v3.0

o Initial release.