Download: Recommended Audio Interfaces and Microphones

Download: FIR-Capture brochure

Download: Tuning-Capture Plus PDF Brochure

Download: Quality-Capture brochure Note: Put on hold until further notice. A Quality-Check plug-in is under development for FIR-Capture.

The RT-Capture 3 demo can load and print log files created with the retail version, the limitations are:

Download: RT-Capture 3 demo

Download: RT-Capture 3 PDF Brochure

Download: Room-Capture trial demo

Download: Room-Capture PDF Brochure

Download: Live-Capture Pro PDF Brochure

Download: Tuning-Capture PDF Brochure


Download: Recommended Audio Interfaces and Microphones

Download: How to measure sound levels

Download: Advices to avoid hearing damage

Download: Hur man mäter ljudnivån (Svenska)

Download: Några råd för att undvika hörselskador (Svenska)



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