During big events, such as festivals, it’s required to make sound level logging in front of many stages and positions. To be able to supervise all these locations in real time, the SPL values can be communicated over Local Area Network (LAN) or Wireless LAN, WLAN. Sound Level Management and/or Production office or festival management will be able to watch levels in real time and prepare actions if limits are exceeded. Message can be sent to each SPL-display individually to Front of House for example.

Remote-SPL is a PC-based software program for displaying multiple SPL-displays from a number of RT-Captures over LAN in one single window. Messages can be sent individually to each SPL-display in the RT-Capture. RT-Capture’s logging and Remaining Leq can be started remotely over LAN in the Remote-SPL control windows.
Up to 256 RT-Capture can be remotely displayed, but the screen size will limit long before that number is reached.
An unlimited number of Remote-SPL can watch the RT-Capture LAN. The network protocol we use will broadcast the data in a compact format and will not consume significant bandwidth, even if there is a large number of RT-Captures and Remote-SPLs on the LAN.

Each frame displays values from a RT-Capture SPL-display. Six different quantities can be displayed. These are selected in the Setup window from 21 different values coming from RT-Capture over the network. Each frame can be expanded to show another six values, for a total of 12 different quantities.

Just double-click on the frame to expand.

At the left there is a level meter, showing SPL level and peak values in real time. At the bottom is a histogram, showing the short time Leq (10s) for the last 15 minutes. If the level exceeds the limit, the bars will change colour.
A couple of lamps indicate if the actual RT-Capture is logging and if the audio is recorded.

At the top there is a frame for identifying the RT-Capture. Event or Place can be chosen from the log-information, but also the IP-address and/or the computer alias.

Sending message to RT-Capture’s SPL-display

Text message can be sent individually to the SPL-display in RT-Capture. This makes it possible to communicate from a central position, such as Sound Level Management office or Production office at big events, such as festivals etc. to the FOH position. Due to sound levels at FOH it can be hard to make spoken message over radio etc.
A lamp besides the Send Msg button will flash, indicating that a message is due.

Control RT-Capture via Remote-SPL

The RT-Captures at the LAN can be individually controlled from the Remote-SPL. The logging can be started and the Remaining Leq display can be started or be reset.

Both the Send Control and Send Message are password protected.

Discover network

Pressing the magnifying button in the toolbar or pressing F5 searches the LAN for RT-Capture and the frames will pop up. Frames can be drag n’ dropped in the order you want them. This will be saved at exit of Remote-SPL.

If communication is lost with a RT-Capture on the LAN, this frame will be greyed. If that RT-Capture should be off-line, the node can be removed by a selection in the Network menu.

Technical Description

The Remote-SPL software is a PC-based software for XP, Vista and Win 7. It requires LAN or WLAN connection.
The software is
USB-dongle protected. This is an advantage for rental and touring companies, as their whole inventory of PCs can be prepared with Remote-SPL installations.
Unlimited number of Remote-SPL software can watch the RT-Capture’s SPL-display on the LAN. An increasing number of Remote-SPL nodes will not sink the LAN. All traffic is UDP/IP, so the data packages are broadcasted over the Network. For identifying RT-Capture, Multicast/IP is used.
Be sure that your LAN allows for UDP and Multicast traffic. These can be disabled in your Router.
Multicast is not allowed on Public Internet, so Remote-SPL is only for Local Networks.

Note: The WLAN frequency band will be very crowded at big events, such as festivals. If you try to set up your own WLAN, consider that there will be thousands of smart-phones trying to get access to the Internet through your WLAN! So please don’t depend on WLAN at big events. Copper wire LAN is safer.
Here are some advices to make it work better:
· Use protected WLAN access, (WPA encryption etc.).
· Use static IP on your PCs and phones. This saves time compared to sharing IPs with anybody.
· Mac-address filtering, keeps unauthorized nodes out of your network.
· Hide the SSID of your WLAN. This can usually be made in your router.
· Use external directional antennas such as Yagi or Parabolic ones.
· Use the 5GHz band instead of 2.4GHz. Less crowded as few smart-phones are there, but you might need free sight between antennas. In such case a 250m distance can be reached.



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