Update Policy

- Our update policy is that the updates between ver 1.0 to 1.1 , 1.2 and so on, are free. (Just to make it easy for our distributors and users).
- When we release a new major update (with major extended functionality) like ver 2.0, 3.0 etc. we determine an upgrade price from old to the new version.
- If the software is bought within a year, the upgrade is half the upgrade price.

Protection for RT-Capture ver 3, Tuning-Capture, Tuning-Capture Plus & FIR-Capture

- RT-Capture 3, Tuning-Capture, Tuning-Capture Plus & FIR-Capture is only available with dongle protection. (It is harder and harder to install with soft-key protection in new Win-versions).

Upgrade to RT-Capture ver 3

- The upgrade price for RT-Capture 3 is 100 EUR for RT-Capture purchaser within a year, 200 EUR for older purchase. Dongle included.

Protection Policy

To protect the software against unauthorized copying the software will be locked to the PC-hardware during installation.

- A temporary authorisation key or code is received as soon as the software is paid. This first code will allow the purchaser to immediately run the software for 10 days.