The WaveCapture mission is to combine Johny Grenander’s experience in the software and loudspeaker field and adapt the software he has created to the needs of the pro-audio industry, benefiting from Dan Bävholm’s long-term experience. Our philosophy is to offer easy-to-use software and measurement tools for sound engineers, installers, consultants and designers.

Background -Staff

Johny Grenander has been interested in loudspeaker design since a teenager - programming his first loudspeaker design software on an Atari computer in the 80’s. His activities in loudspeaker design have focused on Transmission Lines with multiple ports and his original design software - LoudSpeaker Lab (LspLab) - has since evolved into a commercial product incorporating crossover design, Thiele-Small calculation etc. Ten years ago, Johny founded Grenader Software Workshop (GSW) and LspLab continued to grow in popularity among speaker builders and home theatre designers. A measurement engine using Maximum Length Sequence (MLS) and Sweep tone was also introduced and LspLab transformed into a full-featured Windows application. During the past five years, Johny has been employed as a software engineer at Lab.gruppen and done most of the C++ code for their amplifier control network.

Dan Bävholm is co-founder of Lab.gruppen (a leading manufacturer of professional power amplifiers) and dba audio (an innovative R&D company in the field of digital audio signal processing) – both based in Kungsbacka, Sweden. He left these companies in 2003 and started a new engineering and consulting company called 7dBmore in 2005. Dan was responsible for many of Lab.gruppen’s inventions and, in addition to management duties, acted as product designer, product manager and marketing director. Dan first met Johny in 1996 during a dba audio project concerning loudspeaker processor software development. Although it was planned to incorporate loudspeaker driver measurement using Maximum Length Sequence (MLS) measurements in a future version of this software - already at this time Johny was able to provide a Windows-based MLS measurement engine.

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