EQ-Capture - the second product release from WaveCapture - is a loudspeaker measurement tool used to determine parameters for equalization filters. In EQ-Capture an old dream came true – over the past ten years Dan has promoted the idea of a more direct method for determining equalization filter parameters from measurements. EQ-Capture will go one step further and offer an integrated measurement/design platform for programming loudspeaker digital signal processors.


EQ-Capture is a powerful PC-based software tool that is ideal for loudspeaker or sound reinforcement system optimization. EQ-Capture acquires complex frequency response by applying either a maximum-length sequence (MLS) stimulus or Sweep tone to the loudspeaker or sound reinforcement system under test.

After specifying the number of parametric filters available plus the target band-pass response, EQ-Capture then runs an optimization algorithm and produces a list of parametric equalization values (Frequency, Q and Gain). For further optimization, eq parameters can be manually fine-tuned using a convenient graphical user interface.

For the loudspeaker designer, multi-way active crossovers can be simulated in the Crossover Window by assigning blocks of band-pass filters to different output channels. Corrective component equalization and relative gain structure can be optimized for each band and since phase data is included, component time alignment delays can be determined while viewing the overall system transfer function.

For room tuning and sound reinforcement system optimization, EQ-Capture supports spatial averaging. This allows the user to perform a series of measurements throughout the coverage pattern of the sound reinforcement system and base system eq on the weighted, spatially-averaged response. Sophisticated windowing functions allow the user to window out room reflections and focus on equalizing the direct sound while retaining low frequency resolution. Once system eq parameters have been determined and programmed, equalization can be verified in Analyze EQ mode by electronically sweeping the system equalizer or loudspeaker processor, thus providing an accurate, efficient technique for system optimization.

Download: EQ-Capture trial demo

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Capture View

Target View

Optimizer View

Output View

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Filter edit in X-Over view


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